You can find below the conditions necessary for us to serve you better and faster regarding product return; If any of these are missing, product returns are not accepted.

  1. Returns are not accepted if the product requested has been used or damaged.
  2. The product to be returned must be delivered as received within 14 days, complete and undamaged, with its standard accessories.
  3. The delivery note must be sent along with the product to be returned.
  4. In case the products are delivered in accordance with the return conditions, the processes will be started as soon as the product reaches us. The time of reflection of the refunds to the account is at the discretion of your bank, and the refunds made with credit cards are reflected in the account within 14 days.
  5. You can send the products to us free of charge by ……………….. cargo.
  6. Returns must be delivered to us with the courier company we have contracted with. If it is sent to us by different cargo companies, there is no refund.
  7. Returned products must be sent to us with their original box/packaging.
  8. Returns of products whose original box/packaging is damaged, which have lost their resaleability feature and which cannot be purchased by another customer are not accepted.
  9. You must send a petition including the original delivery note (all copies you have) and the reason for the return, along with the product you want to return.

Dear customer, you can cancel your orders that you gave wrong or gave up. If the product is not shipped in the cancellation process, the entire fee will be refunded by the method you performed the transaction. If the product has been shipped, the shipping fee or fees will be deducted and returned.

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