Günaydın International Advertising Consultancy and Trade Inc. As (“ IKONIK or COMPANY ”), we show maximum sensitivity to the security of your personal data. With this awareness, the personal data belonging to the real persons to whom services/services are provided within the Company are subject to the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”), secondary regulations (regulation, communiqué, circular) and binding Personal Data. We attach great importance to the preservation and processing in accordance with the decisions taken and to be taken by the Protection Board.

 With the full understanding of this responsibility; Your personal data such as the number of page views, the number of clicks on the save button, your average session duration, your language preference, your city and country information, your browser information, operating system information, device information, interest category, number of link clicks on the page are submitted to Google for the advertisement and reporting feature of the product. in order to improve; Your name, surname, e-mail address, IP address, browser ID, delivery city, country code, telephone number, date of birth, gender type personal data to Meta in order to improve the advertising feature of the product and your name and surname, Your TR Identity Number (for certain category products), your delivery address, Your User Name, your user password, your mobile phone number, whatsapp number, fax number, credit card number-card expiry date-CVC code information (If you have a special approval for this), your past transaction information, security and technical information, your application entry and exit status, your voice recording, survey results, requests, suggestions and complaints and comments, provided that you are warned beforehand in case of meeting with a customer representative, type of personal data of IKONIK with our personnel and managers , to courier companies and private couriers for the delivery of the product, to our consultant companies that perform complaint management and risk analysis for quality control, to our business partners, financial advisors, financial advisors, and independent audit firms that we work with for invoice processes, , Customs companies we work with and their employees and licensed licensees that we use to process invoices. to the programs, In order to ensure your legal security for all kinds of legal disputes, our legal advisors, lawyers and their employees and interns, real and legal persons permitted in the relevant legislation, other authorized public institutions and organizations, judicial and administrative jurisdictions, Turhost Hosting with server service to the firm , Keys company, from which software service is provided,

 by being encrypted is transferred.

In this explicit consent text and Your personal information mentioned in the User Disclosure Text of our company is subject to the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698. By taking all necessary technical and administrative measures, in accordance with Article 9 titled Transfer to Abroad and subject to your express consent. abroad is transferred. Our company all takes precautions and undertakes to keep the security level at these standards . In addition to the KVKK numbered 6698, many international legislation, especially the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), legally guarantees the processing of your data for the purposes and directions specified here.

In addition, if you want your personal data to be returned or destroyed, you can send this request to us through the following ways;

 By clicking the delete account button in the section where you have your profile,

 your demands you wrote and with a wet signed petition Ömer Avni District, İnebolu Street Ekemen Han, No:1, Floor:1, Flat:1 Beyoğlu İSTANBUL address via a notary , located at the ''Contact Us'' box filled, and by contacting us through our e-mail addresses,

 +90 537 526 70 89 by contacting us by phone number. located at the Click on the Whatsapp button and write to us on Whatsapp,

All of our staff have been informed about the prompt fulfillment of your requests, and they have been given seminars personally by our company's legal counsel.

In case the legal storage period of the above-mentioned general personal data expires, I have been informed that my personal data will be deleted, destroyed or anonymized in accordance with the relevant Law and sub-legal regulations, pursuant to Article 10 of the Law, ICONIC I have read and understood the "Clarification Text on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data Belonging to Users" prepared by the Company, without being under any influence or pressure, in this "Explicit Consent Statement" letter of the above-mentioned personal data. ICONIC collection, recording, processing and domestic and abroad I accept, declare and undertake that I expressly consent to the transfer of the data to be transferred in accordance with our obligations arising from the relevant legislation and to the sending of electronic commercial messages via sms and e-mail.