MoonSwatch Watch

MoonSwatch Saat
The watch itself is a fairly simple battery powered quartz chronograph. From a technical point of view, it’s nothing too spectacular. However, it is the aesthetics of the MoonSwatch that create the excitement.

The asymmetric case is unmistakeably Speedmaster with its slightly larger profile to the right-hand side, offering some protection to the crown and pushers. The bezel also features the iconic ‘dot over ninety’ detailing seen in vintage references. However, the lightweight Bioceramic material used for the case is very much Swatch, and allows for a myriad of colour variations.

So too is the case back with the customary battery cover allowing for simple exchange of the power cell when it reaches the end of its life. The dial features branding from both Omega and Swatch, with uncluttered subdial text providing all of the legibility you would hope for. The exclusion of a date window is also a bonus to many watch fans. Even the glass has a nice detail with a hidden ‘S’ to the centre of it. This is similar to the Omega logo seen on their acrylics.

The fitting of this lightweight watch head with all its detail, to an ultra-adjustable fabric Velcro strap ensures that the MoonSwatch is one of the most comfortable wears around.