Jacquemus' Artichaut bucket hat is a must for summer 2023

Jacquemus'un Artichaut kova şapkası 2023 yazının olmazsa olmazı
Jacquemus is a young brand that descends into fashion like a tidal wave. Jacquemus blew up the micro-bag fashion with his Chiquito after showcasing his creations in a lavender field, a beach in Marseille, or amidst expansive wheat fields. It's time for another accessory to make the buzz: the Artichoke bucket hat. This model, which the brand describes as the "worn adventurous bob", draws attention with its wide and flexible edges and the cord that is tied under the chin like a safari hat. Adopted by Hailey Bieber and even Blackpink's Kim Jennie, the Artichoke bucket hat is especially popular with girls. The most popular models of this off-road hat are the pink hat and the beige bucket hat, warm colors for summer and easy to combine. But it is clear that this bob is a classic version of the Gadjo bob, which means "boy" in Marseille, without cords and frayed edges. What makes these hats so trendy is probably their simple yet iconic patterns. And the good news is that the most popular bucket hat of the season is still available!